Jesus answered her, "If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked Him and He would have given you Living Water.... Whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never become thirsty again; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

VISION: To raise up a generation of equipped revivalists who passionately love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ AND KNOW WHO THEY ARE IN HIM. 

Why LifeThirst?


FROM LAURA- WHY LIFETHIRST COMMUNITY WORSHIP, EVANGELISM, TEACHING EVENTS?  "When I was a Sr. in Highschool I attended a contemporary worship service and Creation Festival for the first time where I experienced an encounter with the Lord through worship that completely transformed my life and inspired me to serve the Lord and use my gifts for Him as a Christian artist. I founded LifeThirst because I am passionate about sharing this with all generations where the presence and love of God is experienced through worship and an "encounter with the living God" where we will never 'thirst' again! LifeThirst combines worship with teaching and evangelism to raise up a generation of equipped revivalists who passionately love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ and know who they are in Him... So, that is my prayer for LifeThirst, that you will find Jesus here, His love is the only source of true satisfaction for our deepest needs, our deepest thirsts." - Love, Laura


FROM LAURA- WHY LIFETHIRST GIRLS & WOMEN EVENTS?  "Jesus changes lives. Not a song, or a program, or even a church that does -- it's His presence, the person of Jesus Christ that touches hearts and heals the deepest wounds. But He uses His people and their gifts and their pursuits to go and tell the nations that He is the answer. I also believe that God uses our life experiences to give us a frame of reference, and a deeper understanding in how to minister to people. As a young woman, in an extremely image conscious line of work, I've faced my share of struggles. My heart breaks for the way young girls are bombarded with images of who and what they should be, and I long to share that they have a whole other, true identity in Christ. My mission is to help young ladies embrace their God-given identity and live in the freedom that understanding ushers in. If you attend or bring the LifeThirst Girls & Women Event to your church or school, you can expect an evening of songs and worship, sharing, testimonies, and teaching -- all geared to introduce girls of all ages to the person of Jesus, and share what He has to say about who they truly are, in Him. It is the message that their future is not defined by their past, their worth is not found in the mirror, and the heart of God beats for them, not against them." -Love, Laura



Laura Kaczor, singer, songwriter, worship leader, and speaker from Nashville, TN is a Top 10 New Female Christian Singer (NewReleaseTuesday) with four consecutive Top 25 Billboard hit singles and a Top 20 for 10 weeks in a row. She releases her fourth album, RESTORE ME in 2015, produced by multi-Dove Award winning Producer of the Year, Ian Eskelin (Francesca Battistelli, Sidewalk Prophets, Chris August). All of the songs on the 10 track album were written by Kaczor with six songs co-written with Amy Lewis. Her first single, “Forever” is being released to national radio with the release of her album. It is a powerful song of commitment, surrender, salvation and the Lord’s faithfulness.

“My sweet Samuel, the joy of my life, born with a hole in his heart, was the reason I was on my knees for most of 2014,” says Kaczor. “I want to thank my Heavenly Father for seeing me through the most challenging year of my life and speaking to my heart through the most difficult times. I want this album to give others a message of faith, hope and strength, no matter what they are going through.” That message penetrates through her beautiful, angelic vocals in songs such as “Only You,” “Restore Me,” “We Don’t Always Understand,” “You Make Me Brave,” “If the Path Was Straight,” “Greater,” “You Know,” “Rain Down,” “Once and For All,” and “Forever.”

Kaczor had a life-changing encounter with the Lord in high school at Creation Festival which led to her being worship leader for Jesus Fest that drew 1000 from 150 churches quarterly for 7 years. With a heart for worship, Laura later founded LifeThirst Ministries (Jn 4:14), where she and her band lead a united worship concert with national speakers for evangelism and teaching. 

As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, truly Laura Kaczor is a gifted leader in her generation with a transforming message to share through her music and words. She desires to be a vehicle for a movement of the Holy Spirit in your church and community. She can minister with tracks or a full-band. Host churches will not occur heavy financial responsibilities as these events can be ticketed and promoted by LifeThirst Ministries, the host church and local radio stations.



The “Restore Me” Album Release Concert Tour beginning in Nashville, with a full band during which Laura shares her songs and the message behind them of restoration through the unfailing, unconditional love of Jesus Christ that was her constant help during a difficult pregnancy and the recent birth of her son Samuel who underwent open heart surgery for a hole in his heart.



The 2015 “Worship the Creator! Evolution vs Creation Tour,” is an intimate worship concert where LifeThirst joins world-renowned scientists and apologists from the Institute for Creation Research ( who provide evidence for creation on this national tour. ICR works to restore faith in God as Creator, Jesus Christ as Savior, and the Bible as the infallible Word of God. Our schools no longer teach Biblical creation, but ICR seeks to raise up a generation equipped to defend the truth. If youth do not believe in God as the Creator, they are less likely to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It all starts with the Genesis creation account! The first creation event is on October 10, 2015, in Pennsylvania. LifeThirst’s vision is to raise up a generation of revivalists.



LifeThirst Girls & Women Events  are where Laura leads a worship concert, shares songs from her new album, Restore Me and speaks to teens, tweens and women on self-worth, identity, purpose, and true beauty that girls and women only find in Jesus. “I have a heart for young girls and understand their struggles,” she shares. “Whether it’s sexual sin, abuse or whatever they may feel shameful about, God wants to heal that place in their heart. When His grace is shining in the place where you’ve been hiding, it makes the ugliness beautiful.” Having recently experienced the loss of a close family friend at age 22 through suicide, Kaczor is even more committed to girls finding Jesus and being set free through His unconditional love and who they are in Him.