Testimonies about LifeThirst Events

Wendell Gafford, President of Creative Promotions says, “Laura Kaczor is one of the strongest up and coming artists on Christian radio today. Programmers have quickly embraced her music, as well as her heart and passion for the Lord, and are excited about partnering with her in ministry. In my 20 years as a radio promoter, I have had few artists embraced by Christian radio programmers as quickly as Laura Kaczor!"

"Recently, we had the privilege of hosting LifeThirst at our church as an outreach to our community. In the past we have had moderate success utilizing individuals and groups to assist us in our endeavors. However I must extend a heartfelt “Well done”, celebrating the outstanding results we experienced through Laura Kaczor’s ministry. Coupled with the efforts of WBYN 107.5 FM, the weekend events surpassed my every expectation.

As a Pastor, I am naturally concerned, not only with the quality of the ministry, but the spiritual integrity of the participants. Too often I have encountered ministries that focus more on the performance and not as much on the results. To be certain the quality of ministry was exceptional, Laura and her team are incredibly gifted, however the attention given to the Glory of God is what truly inspired me.

During this two night standing room only event, brothers and sisters in Christ worshiped together, received encouragement form the Word, and rejoiced when 4 people gave their hearts to Christ, and many others made renewed commitments to serve Him. It was my greatest joy to see the members of my congregation given the opportunity to serve during this event. The church is still celebrating nearly two weeks later. Though entertaining, this event was not about entertainment, but about having an impact on the world and the church.

Finally a special note of appreciation to the efforts of John Yoast, radio host at WBYN 107.5FM. Their commitment to the local church in promoting this event made it all possible. It was a pleasure to collaborate with him and his station.

I gladly recommend Laura Kaczor’s ministry to any church. We are eagerly planning on a return visit in the future!" -Bob Levins, Senior Pastor, New Covenant Church (Host/Sponsoring Church)


"Every once in a while, we as Christians can experience total freedom and openness as we praise the Lord of Hosts together. You know what I mean? Those magical moments when you sing praises to the Savior and you think, "Yes…. yes… this is how it's supposed to be." That's what it's like when you attend LifeThirst. Laura and her band bring a level of talent, spirit, (and volume!) that is all too perfect for praising our God. LifeThirst was an amazing experience for our church because not only did our church family attend, but others from outside our church body. It was a wonderful experience, and you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't attend one when you have the chance. There's not only music to enjoy, but the gospel is given so it's appropriate for the "unchurched" to attend. So bring your family, your friends, and the world that they might come and see the working of the Holy Spirit through the love of Jesus Christ demonstrated through Laura Kaczor and her band at LifeThirst. We are looklng forward to having Laura back next year!"- Nick Garland, Director of Music and Worship, Berean Bible Church, Pottstown, PA (Host/Sponsoring Church)


"It was awesome to partner with a ministry such as Laura Kaczor's LifeThirst because it exemplifies what WBYN-FM stands for and that is worship and sharing the gospel. It was amazing to see generations worshiping together and the response in attendance from our listeners was overwhelming. As a station we want to come along side churches to support their ministries, especially their youth, to partner with them for a powerful outreach to the community. And that has been one of the best parts of working with Laura and the LifeThirst Team is the relationships we are building with the local churches, getting to know the Pastors, their hearts for ministry, interviewing them live and spotlighting the gifts of the youth on the air through our new youth spotlight. We love Laura's ministry, her heart for young girls, youth and families is what what we are all about. God is really using Laura to make a difference in the Kingdom of God and we are excited we can be a part of making that happen. It is a partnership we believe the Lord brought together for His glory!" - John Yoast, WBYN-FM (Partner/Sponsor)

“God, through the gifts given Laura Kaczor, cuts through and sings to even the darkest place bringing His light.” - Pastor Paul Xander - Grace Lutheran Church, Pottstown.

“Laura has a heavy anointing on her life. When she sings, chains fall off of people. I see her going to the nations, and she is not just about music, there is a powerful word in her to speak!” - Bishop Melendez- Soul Saving Station

“If thoughts are “spiritual things”; if words are “conveyances of” those spiritual things; and if Christian Music is a conveyance of Christ’s Spirit colored by notes, mathematically coherent melodies, and harmonies both pleasing, and inspiring; then Laura has become a beautiful, joyous, and spiritual fountain of “Living Water” overflowing into the air that surrounds us. Her music is imbued with the Spiritual Essence of “The Word”, Jesus Christ, our Lord, and our Redeemer.” – John Wilson of PA

"Thank you so much for coming to our area Sunday night for the LifeThirst. I can't even begin to explain what a night like that did for me, and many others I’m sure! There are no words to describe it. Basically God was there. God shook the very ground we stood on. He made His presence known and it was a beautiful thing to see. LifeThirst was a night in which God's power, love and grace were so evident! My yearning for prayer was as strong as it was at Passion Conference. God broke so many people and then lifted them up. ♥Keep spreading His Word and reviving the fire in us all!" - Janine Truppay, Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC)


"The LifeThirst was a breakthrough that I have desperately needed in my life... I want to be a youth pastor and for a while I was running from that call... words cannot express my thanks....Laura, I feel like you stole my diary by the way... your lyrics wrecked me.... thank you!!!" – Nicole Berkibile, VFCC


"Laura, what a great evening! The special music was great! The lyrics you sang came from the heart. But add the Praise and Worship to it = amazing. I sat in the back due to having a friend in a wheel chair. It was great though because I could see everyone in front of me. And YES, God WAS moving. At one point during worship, I looked over and saw a college student on his hands and knees just praying out to God!! I could sense his outpouring. It brought tears to my eyes because I saw God moving in such a powerful way. Thanks for the wonderful evening!! And keep sharing until the whole world hears!!" - Christina Adams


"In a day when it is hard to find events that whole families can enjoy together that honor the Lord, I thank God for LifeThirst! It was amazing to see generations united and worshiping the Lord and having fun at the same time! It was such a blessing that my fifteen year old daughter actually wanted to go with me…and she is already planning to invite friends from school to the next LifeThirst who need to know Jesus!" -Missy Hansell


“We loved having Laura at our school FCA assembly. She encouraged our students as well as shared her wonderful songs. Laura has a heart for the youth of this country and God is using her right now in some of our student's lives." - Laura Moore, Teacher, Falkville High School, Falkville, AL.


"It was such a blessing to have Laura speak to and sing for our students at Brookhaven Middle School. She has such a sweet presence and was so real with the kids. She is the type of person that makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her, and she always reflects the love and joy of Christ. Love you, Laura! So great to finally meet you! God is using you in the lives of our students, and oh how they need to hear the message of Christ!"-Casey Ingouf, Teacher, Brookhaven Middle School, Decatur, AL


"Washed in the Water Ministries and Laura Kaczor were a great blessing to Impact Christian Church in Brentwood, CA. Our youth and youth leaders loved Laura's heart to lead in worship and her interactive style of teaching with the students. What a blessing it was to see how God used Laura to minister to our body. You are all true Kingdom builders. Blessings to you and your whole ministry!" -John McAuley, Youth Pastor, Impact Christian Church, Brentwood, CA


"Having Laura come to my school to sing and speak was so fun and inspirational! Being able to finally meet her and sing with her at the LifeThirst was even better! Her music has inspired me so deeply to keep serving my Lord and live beyond my dreams. Laura is a sweet person who loves serving the Lord by reaching our youth in this country. And she doing a great job at it. She is my role model! Students from school are already asking me when she is coming back! We can't wait to have her here in Alabama again. Laura I love you! You are great! Can't wait to see you again!" -Student, Falkville High School, Falkville, AL


“It was so awesome to see you, wayyyy to many years past. But, Laura Kaczor can still fill the house with the Holy Spirit and the music always brings me tears of joy. All 4 of our kids plus my wife and I loved the LifeThirst and now the oldest wants to check out the youth group, AWESOME SPEAKER :) God bless you Laura as you all move to move on to introduce more people to know or get closer to know God. AWESOME JOB guys!!! We can't wait for the next one!!!"- Ray Stitt, Youth Leader, Pottstown, PA


"I want to wholeheartedly recommend Laura Kaczor to your church! Laura is a gifted songwriter, vocalist, and spirit-led worship leader. We were blessed to have her in concert here at Central. If you are interested in a time of great worship and encouragement for your church, then I suggest you give Laura the opportunity to minister in music and testimony with you. I know you will not regret it!" - Chason Farris, Minister of Music & Worship, Central Baptist Church, Decatur, AL


"We were tremendously blessed by the ministry of Laura, her sweet spirit and love and passion for singing the Gospel. I really felt that she not only loves what she does, but she loves people!! It was a great joy to have here and her wonderful husband Kelly with us for our conference. The ladies loved her! Thank you again!!” - Missy Kenney, Women’s Ministry, New Hope International, Concord, CA 

Testimonies From Girl's & Women’s events 

Do you know a girl like this that needs Jesus?

"Well as a start, I was sexually assaulted when I was 10 and that led me to become a "cutter" and I suffered from depression for 3 years. During those years I attempted suicide and spent a week in a mental hospital. And I didn't have hope or faith in any parts of my life. So in 6th grade I was led to Christ by my 6th grade teacher, but I still suffered from depression. A year after I was led to Christ. I found Laura Kaczor’s music through Facebook and I love her music and ministry. Once I started listening to her music and connected with her ministry, I found hope, and I found faith in my life. I have started going to church and found a Christian friend. Through Jesus, I broke the chain of depression, stopped cutting, and I was set free! I found my purpose in life which is to write for Christ. I started a blog to help other people, especially girls. I am 14 now and want to become an Evangelist when I get older. I want to be a Christian singer and I want to work with a ministry. Right now, I am "Youth Advisor for Laura Kaczor Ministries and LifeThirst". Jesus Christ has definitely changed my life and I have learned so much knowledge of Christ. I am really happy now and thankful to know God loves me and has a purpose for my life! I have started a blog spot that I hope will help others in some way!"  Student in Alabama


"Laura, YOU ROCK - Your heart for HIM is clear.. thanks for sharing TRUTH with us!" ♥ -- April Tatta, Middle School Youth Pastor, Movie Church


"Laura, God is good! :) The 2 girlfriends I brought to LifeThirst Girl's Event felt like you were speaking directly to them!! God definitely spoke through you - my girlfriends are not really practicing their faith so I was SO excited to watch God work tremendously in their hearts! A handful of women came up afterwards too to affirm the night.. so God is honoring your hard work and dedication to Him!! I enjoyed serving by your side..and am excited about your heart and mission!  You rock and you are a ROCK! Blessed to have you in my life"- April Tatta- Middle School Youth Pastor, Movie Church, PA


"Hi Laura! I just wanted to stop by and say that you're such an inspiration to me! Your faith, your music...everything. Whatever life throws your way, please don't stop what you do! God gave you an amazing talent! My dream all my life was to sing but it just never happened. Guess God has different plans for me! (grrr...lol) Well anyway, just thought I'd let you know how much you really do reach people! *hugs*"


"Laura's ability to be open, honest and candid about what she has gone through really allows women and girls the freedom to open up and share their heart and have healing at LifeThirst Girls! Laura has a gift to teach in a way that really can be understood by all ages. It was amazing to hear the sharing and how the teaching penetrated hearts and minds for changed lives!" - Missy Hansell


"What a wonderful night for girls/women of all ages! Everyone was blessed in some way by Laura's relevant, Bible based presentation on how much God values each one of us despite what we perceive our shortcomings to be. The discussions we shared were also powerful and encouraging. Of course, the music was awesome! My new friend, Cookie, was amazed that Laura had written words in her songs that actually captured the thoughts in her own (Cookie's) mind, and then sings them beautifully with the "voice of an angel". Laura, I pray the Lord blesses and encourages you always in this life-changing ministry that you present to ladies everywhere in His name!"- Angie Ng


"Hello Laura, I hope you remember me... I am the girl that accepted Christ into her heart at LifeThirst Girl's Night... I really just want to say thanks so much for all the inspiration you give me... I write songs and enjoy singing so much...The reason you really gave me the strength to believe was because you are so strong yourself.. When I was younger, things were changing in my life and well they were changing in a really bad way.... I began cutting and believing my life was useless.... Hearing you tonight really helped me get the strength to believe and trust.... Thanks soo much Laura!!! You are really one of my role models for my life!!! Thanks for your support and help through everything and I praise God for giving you the words and that I understood them!!! I love ya!!!!! Thanks again.. God Bless you.. I will be praying for you in all you do!!"


"Laura, thank you so much for coming tonight. The words that you have said really spoke to me tonight. I have heard the same message before, but tonight truly hit home! The LORD spoke through you! It was like in your song, Invisible. I appreciate your honesty and true love for God. Praise the Lord for YOU! I would love to correspond with you. Thanks for sharing! You are absolutely beautiful inside and out. Your voice is incredible! God bless you!"


"Laura, thank you so much for this message and this passion for God and His truth and His Word! You are walking the walk and talking the talk. Thank you for following the Lord’s leading and bringing this message to all of us, especially our young girls! You are giving them a priceless gift for life! Praise Jesus!"


"Thank you for your message! My daughter and I really enjoyed your word and music. We will listen to your CD’s until they do not work any longer!"


"Hey Laura, I really liked your message tonight. It was very inspirational and uplifting. I could really relate. I’m so glad that I was able to have this experience! I love your music and your voice!"


"Laura, God bless you as you fulfill His purpose for your life singing about and lifting up our sweet Jesus. I was inspired. You were great! Easy to listen to, your love and passion with gentleness and strength comes through! Thanks Laura, into the next generation…"


"Laura, it was so wonderful to meet you! Thank you. You are so gracious! Your voice is beautiful and you have a very inviting and comfortable way of ministering. Your gentleness is so appealing in voice, song and words…. I will be praying for you as you impact others for the Lord Jesus Christ."


"Laura, tonight helped me a lot. I thought I was the only one who had thoughts like that about myself. It is great to know that I am not alone and that they are lies and what God says about me is the truth. Thanks for your honesty and for speaking out, I really had a breakthrough!"


"Laura, I just want to say thank you for everything you have said and encouraged us with tonight. Thank you for your bravery and for letting your light shine tonight. We appreciate everything!"


"Precious Laura, You are His most beautiful Child of God. Thank you for loving His young girls. God bless you as you keep shining for Him."


"Laura, you have a voice like angels singing to the Lord God, He blessed you so lovingly! You are an inspiration to me!"