History, Vision, Pastoral Team & Speakers

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THE STORY- What is our purpose?

LifeThirst had its roots in Jesus Fest, which began as a vision in 2000 in PA that grew from 50 to unite 1000 from 150 churches and youth groups monthly, then quarterly for 7 years where Laura Kaczor was the worship leader. 

The vision was first inspired by a youth service that set many youth on fire for the Lord, including Laura Kaczor.  From that came a desire and conviction to unite other youth, young adults and all ages in the area for a regular worship, evangelism and teaching event.

We found that strength in numbers really impact this generation, showing them they are not alone in their faith. We also wanted to facilitate a worship experience where there is a personal encounter with the presence and love of the Lord Jesus Christ in a powerful and tangible way at as young of an age as possible. We have seen that when this happens, the new believer becomes a life-long worshiper, disciple and servant of Christ.

We also wanted a place where we knew the Gospel would be presented in a clear and consistent manner and the opportunity to accept Christ as Savior would be provided at every event. Our desire was to also provide messages and testimonies that would strengthen faith and equip this generation to defend their faith, know their identity in Christ and be set free from any bondage to live out their destiny (Jeremiah 29:11). Other youth groups in the area would share gifts via drama, dance or music to make it a unity outreach effort.

Laura Kaczor’s songwriting grew during this time while attending the University of Pennsylvania and she later moved to Nashville to become a recording artist and has released 4 albums of original songs produced by Dove-award producers. Laura’s music has been released on radio nationally and internationally with Top 20 Billboard charting, numerous hit songs and an award for a Top 10 new Christian singer. For more about Laura Kaczor click here.

In 2010 the new name LifeThirst was inspired by Laura Kaczor (Stevens) and her husband Kelly Stevens and her band was formed from Nashville.  They began the LifeThirst Tour and the 501c3 non-profit, Laura Kaczor Ministries, Inc.


Some of our speakers and pastoral team have been Evangelist & Author, Joey Perez (Worldwide Evangelistic Ministries, Inc.), Josh McDowell, Duffy Robbins, Pastor TJ Foltz (Humankind Water), David Burke, Bob Cornuke (Biblical Archaeologist from Base Institute), Speakers from the Institute for Creation Research, Pastor Mike Harder (Exec. Director Global Youth Initiative), Pastor Bob Levins (True North Christian Church), Pastor Doug Moister (Renew Community Church, Doug was the lead youth Pastor in the 7 years of Jesus Fest) and other local pastors. Laura Kaczor is also a speaker.

We have seen so many come to Christ, re-commitments made and lives changed all to the glory of God! Following a sabbatical for the arrival of their two children, Laura and Kelly Stevens and the LifeThirst Team’s desire is partner with ministries to duplicate this in areas of the country to revive and restore America!