"Music is such a huge part of our world, and it is one of the most effective mediums for communicating a message. I’ve always felt that songs that speak to the human condition, and offer hope, purpose, and beauty, should not be limited to the church. I want my music to communicate God’s love to a broken world… and an amazingly diverse world it is! It’s awesome to see how music can bridge generational and cultural barriers, and touch the heart of a person. That is what excites me the most, and keeps me singing every day.” 

LaurA Kaczor



Laura Kaczor (pronounced kuh-ZOR) is a Contemporary Christian singer, songwriter, worship leader, and speaker from Nashville, TN, originally from PA.  Her latest and fourth album, RESTORE ME, was produced by Ian Eskelin, GRAMMY nominated, multi-Dove Award Winning Producer of the Year (Francesca Battistelli, Sidewalk Prophets) and released on LifeThirst Music.

Laura was named a Top 10 New Female Christian Singer by NewReleaseToday in 2012 and she has had 6 Top 20- 25 Billboard national radio hits with a Top 20 Billboard for 11 weeks in a row. One of her latest singles, “Greater” from the Restore Me Album, is being played on 94 stations nationally and internationally. Her songs are being played in Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Netherlands, UK, Phillipines, USSR, Hungary, Albania, Nova Scotia and more!

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Laura is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Founder of LifeThirst Worship, Concert & Evangelistic Outreach Ministry.  See LifeThirst Events Tab or www.lifethirst.org. Since the first release of Restore Me, Laura has had a time of sabbatical for the arrival of their two children, and the successful open heart surgery for their son. Now, Laura and Kelly and the LifeThirst Band and Team desire to share their message of hope and restoration on the LifeThirst Restore Me Tour, for they truly know first hand that only God can RESTORE!


BIO - Who is Laura Kaczor?  

 Laura Kaczor (pronounced kuh-ZOR) was born and raised in Pennsylvania and at 8-years-old she first sang at a neighbor’s tap recital, and at age 10 she wrote her first song for her neighbor dying of breast cancer. At age 14 she began voice lessons with Susan Dash and soon became active in theater and music programs at church and school while learning piano, guitar, violin and flute.

Being raised in a Christian home, Kaczor has had a personal relationship with Christ since the age of 6 but her faith was deepened at Creation Festival when she was 17 and first experienced contemporary worship. Worship became her heart and passion, and it was at that moment she knew she wanted to pursue a music ministry.

During her college years at the University of Pennsylvania, Kaczor performed in Full Measure, UPENN’s Christian a Capella group and led worship for Campus Crusade for Christ. She seriously started writing songs while serving as worship leader for the monthly, then quarterly Jesus Fest that began as a vision in 2000 that drew 1000 and united 150 churches for 7 years and led to her later founding LifeThirst Ministries in 2010.

It was during this time Kaczor recorded her first CD of all original songs, Wake Me Up in 2006.  After graduating from college, Kaczor moved to Nashville and recorded an EP Wildflowers in 2007 with John Carter Cash (son of Johnny and June Carter Cash) at the Cash Cabin Studios.

Three years later, Kaczor released Love Enough produced by 6-time Dove Award winner, and co-writer Don Koch that was distributed nationally through Universal Music Christian Group. Kaczor enjoyed her first #17 hit song on the Billboard chart with Alive in You that stayed on the chart for eleven weeks. She was named a Top 10 new female Christian singer by NewReleaseToday in 2012.

She later recorded her fourth album of all original songs, Restore Me, with some songs co-written with Amy Lewis Strother, which was released in 2015 and produced by Ian Eskelin, GRAMMY nominated, multi-Dove Award Winning Producer of the Year (Francesca Battistelli, Sidewalk Prophets). Laura has to her credit 6 Top 20-25 Billboard Soft AC Chart hit singles, and a #5 in the UK. More recently, one of her latest radio singles, “Greater” from the Restore Me Album, is being played on 94 stations nationally and internationally. Her songs are being played in Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Netherlands, UK, Phillipines, USSR, Hungary, Albania and more!

Many of the songs written on the album Restore Me were produced during the difficult time of her first child, her son’s open-heart surgery for a large hole in the heart, which was successfully repaired. He is doing wonderfully and she and her husband, Kelly recently have been blessed with a new baby girl. Laura had a time of sabbatical during these years. They are forever grateful to Lord for His faithfulness and presence with them.   

Having written songs and led worship for thousands, Laura and her husband Kelly founded the national LifeThirst Worship, Concert & Evangelistic Outreach Ministry ( www.lifethirst.org ) in 2010 that has toured the country with a heart for restoration, transformation and revival of a generation through the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and knowing who they are in Him. They are relaunching it as the LifeThirst Restore Me Tour this upcoming year.

See Nashville Publicity Group “Greater” press release

See recent interview on Mary Beth Conley Show

Wendell Gafford, President of Creative Promotions says, “Laura Kaczor is one of the strongest up and coming artists on Christian radio today. Programmers have quickly embraced her music, as well as her heart and passion for the Lord, and are excited about partnering with her in ministry. In my 20 years as a radio promoter, I have had few artists embraced by Christian radio programmers as quickly as Laura Kaczor!"



1 Peter 5:10 "And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

Laura Kaczor (pronounced kuh-ZOR) is a Contemporary Christian singer, songwriter, worship leader, and speaker from Nashville, TN, originally from PA. Her latest and fourth album, RESTORE ME, was produced by Ian Eskelin, GRAMMY nominated, multi-Dove Award Winning Producer of the Year, (Francesca Battistelli, Sidewalk Prophets).  Laura and Ian met at the Song Discovery Conference in Nashville, TN.  All the songs on the 10-track album were written by Laura Kaczor (Stevens) with six songs co-written with her dear friend Amy Lewis Strother and released on the label LifeThirst Music.

“My sweet son, born with a hole in his heart, was the reason I was on my knees constantly while this album was produced,” says Kaczor. "Although all the songs were written before my pregnancy, it was amazing how they miraculously spoke and ministered to me when I would receive them produced by Ian as I was going through all this uncertainty and my son’s heart surgery. I want to thank my Heavenly Father for seeing me through the most challenging year of my life and speaking to my heart through the most difficult times. I want this album to give others a message of faith, hope and strength, no matter what they are going through.” 

Laura and her husband Kelly have recently been blessed with the birth of their second child, a healthy baby girl, so praise God that baby and mother are doing very well! And their son is doing great with his heart completely 'fixed'! All thanks and glory to God! 

Many of Laura's experiences are expressed in the original songs on her newest album, Restore Me that has the powerful theme of restoration through the love of Jesus Christ.  “During this time, I sent my songs to Ian Eskelin who encouraged me to go forward with the album. Ian is a gifted producer that can take acoustic songs recorded on a webcam and turn them into truly amazing tracks with character, depth and emotion." says Laura.

The new album is a message of Laura's journey birthed in trials, fears and struggles, but one of overcoming hope, faith, and trust found in the unfailing, unconditional love of a Savior that restores us. It comes through in songs such as, “Only You,” “Restore Me," "You Make Me Brave," "Greater," "If the Path Was Straight," "You Know," "Once and For All," "Rain Down" and “Forever,” a powerful song of commitment, surrender, salvation, and the Lord’s faithfulness—inspired by her real-life struggles.

Amazingly, one of the deeply moving songs on the new album that Laura and Amy wrote before she was even pregnant, “We Don’t Always Understand” speaks to grief from losing a child or other inevitable losses and hurts we all experience in life with the message, "Keep on believing God is good in all things, we don’t always understand…He has a plan.”  Another anointed song written by Laura that spoke to their hearts during this time is, "You Make Me Brave."  Little did Laura and Kelly know that those songs would strengthen them through a time of uncertainty in a difficult pregnancy and the open-heart surgery of their precious son which was thankfully very successful. Clearly, Laura's heart for ministry to touch, heal and restore others shines through this entire album with her desire for the listener to have their own experience with the Lord speaking to them through the songs.

Kaczor says, "I dedicate this album to the memory of Katelyn, whose sweet and gentle heart left us far too soon.  And to anyone that reads these words, or listens to these lyrics, I hope you also experience how loved you are by God, and that He loves you with an everlasting love that never changes (no matter what you’ve been through, or done…)  It’s a love that reached down to earth in the person of Jesus Christ." “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, will not die, but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16.  

Laura and her husband Kelly founded LifeThirst Worship, Concert & Evangelistic Outreach Ministry with a heart for unity and revival and Laura also speaks at her Lift Up U-niversity girls and women's events. "I have a heart for young girls and understand their struggles," she shares. "Whether it's sexual sin, abuse or whatever they may feel shameful about, God wants to heal that place in their heart. When His grace is shining in the place where you've been hiding, it makes the ugliness beautiful."  Having recently experienced the loss of a close family friend at age 22 through suicide, Kaczor is even more committed to girls finding Jesus and being set free through His love and who they are in Him.

"I want to thank My Heavenly Father for making this album and everything it represents possible. You are the only One worthy of our praise!” says Laura.


So how did this all begin?

Most 10-year-olds can’t fathom the physical and emotional impact of a life-threatening disease like cancer. Yet, for 10-year-old Laura Kaczor, she used the cancer diagnosis of a close friend and neighbor to inspire her very first song. Her neighbor was touched by the gift—a cassette tape dubbed on her karaoke machine. The song struck a chord, the lyric matching her friend’s fervent prayers. For Laura, it was a turning point and an affirmation of her gift as a budding songwriter.

“That’s where I first saw the impact that songs could have on people, that they could change someone’s life,” remembers Kaczor. It’s this same transcendent influence of music that led the singer/songwriter to her true calling in music and ministry today. Growing up in Pennsylvania, Kaczor attended Creation Festival after graduating from high school and personally experienced the transformative power of Christian music and the presence of God through worship for the first time.  "Then and there, I decided that I wanted all of my musical pursuits to be for the Lord,” she shares. What started at eight years old as singing at a neighbor's tap recital, blossomed into a love for singing as Laura worked with her beloved, dedicated teacher and friend, Susan Dash from the age of 14 to today to follow the call on her life. 

Kaczor set out to become an artist who creates music that inspires, encourages and uplifts—the same things that artists like Caedmon’s Call, Bebo Norman and Andrew Peterson provided for her. The music of Sara Groves also became a prevailing soundtrack for Kaczor’s life. “Whatever I was going through, her music ministered to me. It helped set a vision for my life,” she says. “That’s not Sara doing that. I mean, it’s her talent, but it’s the Lord using her songs; and that’s really what I want.”

“There wasn’t a moment where I said I was going to be a Christian artist and ‘xyz’ is what I have to do. It was just very much God leading one step at a time.” Her obedience led her to act upon her passion, the worship experience that first captured her heart, so that is when she and her husband founded LifeThirst Ministries, worship, concert and evangelism events. "I want this generation to experience the presence and love of God and fall in love with Jesus as I did through worship."

As the originator of these events, it’s evident Kaczor’s music is a vehicle for ministry. “In order for artists to have longevity; it needs to be about more than the music and if it’s not about the ministry, then it will be a flash in the pan,” says Kaczor. “But if it’s about ministry, there’s always work to be done.”

Laura is clear about her perspective on her career. “It’s never been about money; it’s never been about fame. It’s only about using this ability to bring people to the Lord. That’s pretty much it, because everything else is just a lie—if you’re using your platform to gain notoriety—it’s just such a trap.”

It’s the stories that inspire her to continue the path laid before her. “When people write notes like, ‘I just listened to your song, and it encouraged me through one of my darkest moments,’ it’s worth it all at that point—all the blood, sweat and tears and the frustrations and anxieties,” she says.

Whether through pop/worship music or connecting with teen girls, Laura wants to be someone’s Sara Groves. “Hopefully, the Holy Spirit speaks through the music and just reaches people right where they are. Because there have been artists in my life who have absolutely done that for me.”